The 80-20 split

Published by Karl on

After having worked out the templates to my satisfaction, now come the part of making this look like the actual test is suposed to look.

As always now that 80% of the “interesting work” is done, the other 20% of making it look good to match the desired standard, will take the other 80% of the time :/. But the show must go on … I couldn’t convince my wife to use the HTML output produced at the end of the last post – I for one think it looks awesome 🙂 super retro – like it was done in ASCII art.

Aaaaa those were the days… hehe

While the code needs some more work we are getting there.

The first graphical test result

The font is still not right, apparently there is a specific font that is easier for kids to read, but the concept is working well. The header also has a little more data that needs to go into it (like the date) but that’s an easy fix.