Moving to the web!

Published by Karl on

As the new idea is more complicated, its no longer sensible to manage this in XML files. As such I’m going to move this into a web app and make it much more friendly to use.

This will become a Python Flask app since that’s the easiest to write this simple app in, and there is no need for fancy animations or interactivity, it really could be anything though.

Its probably at most 3-5 “pages”, the render logic will remain the same probably.

As the source will no longer be XML, we’ll use different tokens to indicate different parts of questions.

Here we have the syntax and another sketch of the rendering concept.

With these tokens we can create a simple renderer that will consume the tokens and inject the proper renderer per part of a question – we can also mix and match parts if so needed.

Since this is going to ba more complex file structure I’ll end up putting this on github eventually.