Usability testing helps

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When I first started to move this to a web interface, I discussed the concept and worked with my wife on how it should work, but there is always a difference in talking about UI and actually using it. Over the holidays we worked on it some more and found that although it made sense on the ‘reuse’ side, to have a test bank and a question bank, allowing for re-use of old tests and questions. The extra UI elements that meant made the whole concept awkward when we consider that there may be over 200 questions of one type, and probably at least 40 tests need to be made in a year.

At that point we need searching or some easier way to find questions, and then add them to tests, and track them so they are not re-used to often. So we came up with a more “traditional” way, but more easy to administer and manage for her classes and the way that the materials are created.

New main screen
Weekly lessons – one lesson per week – although if there are multiple tests in a week we can have more – no limitations here.

The new concept will revolve around “Lessons”. We’ll have a lesson have a “open ended” test attached to it – written using the same grammar/lexicon we had before, with one question per line.

As you might notice there are some more fields for grades and content types. These are more of a “planing ahead” from my side so there is space in the database for additional things as she might teach a different class later on or may be have multiple tests for a week. For now these are only place holders.