Content and Rendering

Published by Karl on

With the simpler interface for entering tests, we decided to expand the types of things that can be created for support materials. As you may recall last screen shots had some extra fields, one being a “Content Type” field.

We will use that field now to determine what kind of content we want to add. These changes also meant that the UI for adding lessons changes a bit to stream line the new worksheet types (as they are now called – in English)

New lesson entry screen

As you might notice we now also have more of the UI in Japanese, so far this is static content, not a translation framework. I am however looking at tying in pybabel at some point to make sure we have easily translatable content.

I order to create printable PDF we decided its best to have a dedicated page that can just be PDFd instead of tying things into a Python PDF engine as this way the changes can be done quicker as rendering moves forward.

New Preview and Print View buttons, dynamic rendering is distracting so its going to move to an on-demand model with the “Preview” button.

Still looking for a good font, it looks like one of the Windows 10 fonts will work OK but I’m still waiting for a a decision.