Frameworks, frameworks, frameworks!

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The nice thing about flask is all the stuff that easily integrates into it. I’ve brought in flask-login for the login management to sit on top of the previously set up multi-user basics.

For testing, of course, pytest. Which makes writing the tests much simpler than just the diff testing I was using so far. I still need to do the typical “web testing” but adding new features is much simpler now with a test suite I can just run.

As for translations I’m using babel. While the site doesn’t need a multi-language interface, pybabel makes my life easier as I can keep the dev/test environment in English and prod in Japanese. Also, I can just let multiple users create the help content as well so that’s a nice bonus.

One thing that we found, is that as there are more teaches using the tool, there is a need to manage and add additional worksheet types. This needed a new interface as well for managing the worksheet types.

New worksheet editing inteface

Still need to translate this page but now the user can add their own pages – if they will need to add “custom template” pages, that’s a separate request as those will need to be flask templates. However, as those have been “standardized” it’s less likely they’ll need those types.