User testing

Published by Karl on

Well, it’s finally getting to a point where its time to open things up to a wider user test. Over the next few weeks, we’ll let in all the users that have expressed interest in using the system and get their feedback. There will doubtless be more tweaks and bugs to find but all the base content types and formating are now done.

This will also give me a chance to look in on the perfomance, I was considering moving to a more multiuser databse – so this testing will show if thats something thats needed.

The system is destined to go live by April 1, but with all that happening in the world, its likely the schools won’t open on time. Meaning that this online system will be more needed as it will let the teachers coordinate easier.

I must say I’m quite happy that this small project turned into something that will help many people. Even though it’s been a bit more work on my wife’s part, as she had to do the translations and more coordination on her end, I think it’s for the best for the students too. They are the ones who will be getting better materials and more standardized worksheets. It has also given the school a chance to raise their standards – especially by giving the more “analog” teachers a chance to get their materials into a digital form.